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Blue Circle  

Why Blue Circle Audio?

In short, it’s the best made, best sounding and most flexible high performance audio equipment available at anywhere near its cost. The longer story is:
    Blue Circle BC6000
  • Comprehensive synergy. You can assemble a complete Blue Circle system. Blue Circle makes almost everything needed for the exceptional reproduction of music: amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, phono stages, DAC’s, power conditioners, cables, accessories and, now, speakers. You supply a source component (CD player, turntable, computer).

  • 20 years of excellence and innovation. Blue Circle designs have stood the test of time. Numerous rave reviews in various audio publications attest to the quality and performance of the products. Blue Circle utilizes different technologies to achieve maximum performance in each design. Both solid state and tube/ hybrid designs are used. New technology is now being developed that will power audio components completely “off the grid.” No AC or battery power. A completely clean, unpolluted audio signal!

  • Blue Circle BC303
  • Build quality. All Blue Circle products are hand assembled in Canada with the finest parts available. This is not mass produced, outsourced to China equipment. The highest standards of production quality are used. You are assured of a piece of equipment that will endure and perform to specification for a long, long time. When you buy a Blue Circle component, it’s built for you, one at a time.

  • Flexibility. In addition to the fine line of production models, Blue Circle can provide custom solutions to perfectly meet your specific requirements. Need an extra input in your preamplifier? Want a DAC built in to your integrated amp? Need a USB input? Want a special faceplate on your amp to match your décor? No problem. You, the customer, come first. We know of no other reputable manufacturer in consumer audio that provides anything close to this level of customization flexibility. Interestingly, it is often more cost effective to go the custom route as there is some pricing flexibility not available with production models.

  • Blue Circle BmPHb
  • Value. Blue Circle gear is not cheap. Real quality never is. But here is what you’re not paying for with Blue Circle: an extensive distribution chain, multiple middle men, marketing expenses, costly support for “brick and mortar” dealerships and the excessive mark-up that all these things entail. Blue Circle is a small, product focused Company. Its products are sold through a select group of home based dealers passionate about the products, or, directly from Blue Circle. If Blue Circle products were marketed and sold in the more conventional way, they would be several times their cost. Blue Circle gear typically outperforms products two to three times their cost. You should compare Blue Circle to the really expensive, big name stuff.

  • Blue Circle BC703
  • Performance. Ultimately it’s about how it sounds. This is where it gets a little subjective. You can read the reviews and get a general sense of the Blue Circle sound, or, better yet, hear it for yourself in a private audition. Each Blue Circle product has its own unique sonic signature. But all the products all share some common characteristics. To our ears they are:

      Blue Circle BC204
    • Musicality. An overused term, but there is an uncanny coherence to the sound of all Blue Circle components. No audio frequency is over or under emphasized. Music is presented holistically. Nothing jumps out or distracts from the overall presentation. The sound is just there, as it should be. The presentation is high resolution and detailed but without brightness and astringency. Just sounds right.

    • Low listening fatigue. You can listen for hours, both casually and critically, and you will not feel the urge to turn the music off. We have never heard gear this “easy on the ear.” This characteristic is hard to evaluate in a short, showroom demonstration (many audio shoppers who are “blown away” in the showroom ultimately find the gear they buy unsatisfying at home a month later). Blue Circle equipment typically impresses most over the long term, where it counts the most.

    • Blue CircleBC86
    • Synergy. Blue Circle equipment sounds good with most other equipment and with all types of music. Although there are some speaker pairings that are especially magical, Green Mountain Audio for example, we have yet to hear a speaker Blue Circle didn’t sound good with (perhaps with the exception of some high efficiency horn systems that work best with small tube amps). Whether adding one Blue Circle piece into an existing system or building a complete Blue Circle system, there is always improvement. Of course, a complete Blue Circle system offers the ultimate in synergy, truly special.
Blue Circle
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